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Evie-Anne's Aventure's

My journey through life.....


Evie-Anne started school, just 3 mornings a week, but she is loving every minute of it & finally getting all the therapy she needs within school!


Evie-Anne had more surgery to remove her tonsils & adenoids, this surgery was to hopefully improve the dangerous sleep apnea, and improve her breathing and basic quality of life. In true Evie-Anne dramatic style we had an eventful first day of recovery, needing lots of oxygen and help to breath, then woke up the next day like "whats going on? whats all the fuss about?"

August 2012

Guess who has a new bike? Two amazing local gentleman from Birmingham put together and purchased this specialist pink trike for Evie-Anne, there really are some amazing people in this world <3

Evie-Anne went to watch Birmingham City Football club play at home while her big brother Marcus was a match mascot, we had an amazing family day out together, the staff at BCFC treated us all like royalty!

Evie-Anne chilling & relaxing on a sunnyday in Warwick Castle with the National Childrens Blind Society.

Meet Mr Snuggles, this is Evie-Anne's new friend, he is a Shiz Tzu, and will hopefully become a companion and friend for life for Evie-Anne x

Evie-Anne at her first ever school parents evening with her very proud daddy!!

Napping with Daddy, people us ask where she gets her "mannerisms" from, I have no idea, do you?

Christmas 2012, Evie-Anne smiling as she is opening her presents x

We spent new year in south Wales for the 2nd year running, with one of our other 1p36 family's who we are very close to. We all had an amazing time x

2012 was a rollarcoaster year for Evie-Anne, she had 2 more surgeries, and batted with severe distonia, a horrible condition which makes your muscles involentry spasm and contract 24/7.

Evie-Anne also spent much of her time fighting colds, coughs, chest infections, and virus's.

In december Evie-Anne was diagnosed as having Asthma, due to her chest and lungs being so weak.She was also having severe breathing difficulty episodes and at times seemed to be in respitory distress, this is currently being investigated.

We lost a lot of our 1p36 brothers and sisters, who sadly grew there angel wings, Lets hope 2013 is kinder to us all <3