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Evie-Anne's Aventure's

My journey through life.....

January 2013

Evie-Anne was given an amazing gift by a group of amazing ladies.

Love quilts UK, make beautiful personalised themed quilts for sick & terminally ill children living in the UK, Evie-Anne was lucky enough to be granted her very own love quilt, we chose "princess" as her theme, and we just wasn't prepared for how beautiful the quilt would be!!

The snow came, and even poorly children just love to play in the snow & go sledging x

February 2013

Evie-Anne's breathing difficulty's and respitory distress episodes regressed, and Evie-Anne began to have severe episodes where she stopped breathing, so we went to see a ENT specialist at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Evie-Anne had a Laryngoscopy which is a camera placed down her nose so they could look for obstructions.

It was discovered that Evie-Anne had a condition called Laryngomalacia, it is where her larynx has completely collapsed and is obstructing her airways. This is a very serious condition as it causes Evie-Anne to stop breathing and we are awaiting a meeting with ENT, respiratory and neuro consultants to decide which is the best option to treat Evie-Anne.

Our beautiful princess all dressed in red & hearts for valentine's day x

We took Evie-Anne back to the specialist donkey sanctuary in Birmingham, Evie-Anne loves to ride the donkeys x

In August Evie-Anne got to go to her first ever concert/festival, Compliments of Birminghams Capital FM, we only expected her to manage an hour or 2, but she loved the music and atmosphere so much she stayed awake and alert until the very last act at past 11pm!!

This was on Evie-Annes bucket list so it was an amazing experience for us all as a family, and we hope to take her again next year :)

Evie-Anne's been on a very magical journey for her 4th birthday x

Evie-Anne had a terrible winter this year, with constant bugs & virus, chest infection's and 4 bouts of pnemonia, which now means Evie-Anne now has to have daily chest physio sessions to help keep her chest & lungs clear.

Evie-Anne had a beautiful photoshoot from an amazing charity called Butterfly Wishes Network, who provide children & there familys with a photoshoot & prints for free to children with potentially life threatning & life limiting conditions.