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Evie-Anne's Aventure's

My journey through life.....


Miss Evie-Anne has been on a family holiday to Greece, this is the furthest we have ever got permission to fly with Evie-Anne from her consulant, because hes so healthy currently!

In August we visited Caister On Sea, Evie-Anne's favorite plac

e is by the seaside :)

Evie-Anne has Scoliosis which is a spinal condition where the spine curves, because of this Evie-Anne wears a spinal brace 23 hours a day.

Evie-Anne love's the water, and the hydro pool she uses at school, it helps her so much to relax and it also helps with her other conditions too. Strong bones childrens charity helped us get a hydro tubb of her very own, and she goes in it almost everyday and no matter how bad her day is, she can always get in her tubb and smile.

In october Evie-Anne attended Zoe's Place Hero Ball dressed as rapunzel x

10th November 2015 - Evie-Anne's 6th birthday was spent in Porthcawl in south Wales x

Christmas 2015 - Was spent at home with our family x

2015 was a very good healthy year for Evie-Anne she spent most of it at home and NOT in hospital, and her general health was pretty stable!