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Evie-Anne's Aventure's

My journey through life.....

Evie-Anne's Adventure Land

In May 2013 we started to fund raise to get Evie-Anne her very own sensory room. Evie-Anne has access to a sensory room at school and at the baby hospice, and this is her favourite place, where she loves to be the most, the place where she smiles from the second the door opens, and this is where Evie-Anne is happy, calm, relaxed and very alert.

We believe this is because Evie-Anne's vision is so very poor (she is registered blind) but in here she see's the beautiful lights, shadows and effects of all the amazing lights, sounds and sensory therapy it gives to her.

With calming music, vibrations, tactile, bright lights, we set out to make a sensory heaven, for not just Evie-Anne to use, but other children just like her within our community.

We already had a lot of sensory equipment we have been buying for Evie-Anne for christmas's and birthdays, our main problem was free space, we had none within the house, so we decided to see if it was possible to have a fully insulated log cabin in the garden, to turn into a sensory room.

After trailing the internet, visiting many garden building centrers we realised its going to cost £1000s, we wrote to many many charitys for help with our project, but unfortunately in todays financial struggling times, the majority of charitys are mostly restricted to helping with equipment only, but we did get a reply from one charity who promised to do there best to help, this charity was the Balsall Common Lions Club.

With the help and guidance from the Lions Club we began to write to several other local community charitys, and the Lions club enlisted the help of Meridan Rotary Club and Berkswell Charities and together they managed to raise a big chunk of the cost of the cabin, showing us Evie-Anne's dream was in fact able to become a reality, so the fund raising began!

06/05/2013 we held a massive Fun Day at St Andrews Church, with the help of our family & friends the sun came out and the community came out in there thousands and we raised a massive £1,693 towards the sensory room.

A fellow 1p36 grandma's two children Jack & Caitlin asked there mama can they help with Evie-Anne's sensory room, and together they did a fun run and raised an amazing £550.

We also have 100 beautiful handmade crafty/items donated to Evie-Anne's online craft auction, where were hoping lots of people will be bidding on the donated items and hopefully raising lots of pennys to finish the sensory room.

We still have a long way to go, so much more is needed, but were getting there, it will always be an ongoing project, Evie-Anne is using the sensory room everyday, and its amazing to see the difference it is having on her life already =)