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Evie-Anne's Aventure's

My journey through life.....

Fund Raising Events


Mark Peel, Nigel Potter, Dianne Stringer, Angela Grant & Adele Budge all took part in the Coventry Big Fun Run, all runners done an amazing job and finished the 3 mile run, over £900 was raised.


A fund raising event was held at coleshill hotel, a disco, raffle & auction, and a fun time had by all helped us raise just over £2,000 towards Evie-Anne's new chair.


A family fun day at St Andrews church was arranged. Greggs the Bakers came and awarded us with a cheque for £1,675, a further £190 was raised on the day making it a total of £1,865.

Here I am in my specialist support chair that everyone helped us raise the money to buy. This chair is an amazing piece of equipment, not only does it enable me to be able to sit up like most other children my age, it has a tray to place toys on, which enables me to play like most other children my age, and even though I do not eat by mouth, I can now sit with my family at mealtimes, which is important for my development & I can still feel a part of family meal times. Every minute I spend sat in my special chair is equivalent to a minute of physio therapy!!

I can not express how much it means to me & my family that so many amazing people worked so hard & helped us out. From the people that placed just 1 penny into one of my collection boxes, the shops and work places that held the collection boxes, the amazing runners & supporters of the Coventry Fun Run, everyone that sold & purchased tickets to our charity night in Coleshill, everyone who donated and helped us get prizes and auction items, purchased & sold raffle tickets, looked at my website & posted it on there facebook to raise awareness, sat all day making, selling, painting, doing anything that meant donating your precious time, we thank you so so very much.  

There are so many people we would like to thank, but we just don't have enough space, so thank you to EVERYONE!!!!

On sunday 13th May 2012 I ran the 1st Birmingham Reggae Run in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham to help raise funds to pay for the 1p36 Deletion Syndrome Childrens Party at the 2nd Annual U.K & Ireland 1p36 Deletion Syndrome Family Conference, which will be held in Birmingham 2012 in August.

Sara Birmingham is a fellow 1p36 grandma, her amazing children Jack & Caitlin done a fun run and raised a massive £550 towards Evie-Anne's sensory room, this was there own idea and request to help us, what amazing children they are =)

Evie-Anne's funday on 6th May 2013

at St Andrew's Church

Evie-Anne's funday on 6th May 2013 at St Andrews church was a day we will NEVER forget! The sun was shining, thousands of people came to support us, and everyone had an amazing time, we would like to thank:

Jeremy Fathers & St Andrews Church for providing our venue.Alison & her FitCap volunteers for the jacket potatoes stall, helping us with posters & printing, and all the sports entertainment they put on for all the kids.The Martin family who came all the way from South Wales and helped out so much, esp Mrs Paula Martin who along with my sister Julie ran the kitchen, which made an amazing amount of money.

All of our friends & family who gave up there day to help us, esp Susan Hunter, Angela Grant, Wendy Cowley, Charlotte Bull & Family, Elliece Skeene, Nicola Chandler & Mia, Dee Dee Face painting, Debie & David Peel, (please forgive me if I forgot anyone)

Kevin Rowe the Clown, who entertained the children & there familys all day, despite having a broken hand!

Bargain Bouncy Castles who kindly provided us a slush/popcorn & candy floss machine.

Marie, Carl Jones & Family, who also came all the way from South Wales to support us with there candy floss machine in toe and sold candy floss all day long.

Everyone who ran stalls, and donated profits.

Everyone who made & donated raffle and tombola prizes, we had an amazing amount of prizes =)

My amazing friend Emma & Lauren Edwards & there family, for collecting in the majority of all the bottles for the bottle stall, providing raffle prizes, hot dogs & burgers, but most of all taking care of Miss Evie-Anne for the day =)

Terry Hands for being our Dj at last minute & entertaining everyone.

My beautiful sister Julie Burd & her best friend Dianne Woodcock for sweating away all day working hard running the kitchen.

Kate's Mates & her team, for the amazing mascots and entertainment shows her & her team put on for the whole day.

We can not thank everyone enough for every part that was played in making this day happen, our vicar said he hasn't seen the whole community come together like this EVER before, and a lot of people thanked us for the amazing day they had!

Evie-Anne was asked by Newlife Foundation charity to represent them at the celebration of there partnership with The Co-operative, we met all the staff and thanked them for raising an amazing £183,994 this year alone for the Newlife Charity, it was a pleasure to help them out!

In 2016 Evie-Anne cut all her long beautiful curly hair off to raise money for a local baby hospice called Zoe's Place :)

Evie-Anne raised a huge

£1,259.56 for Zoe's Place baby hospice in Coventry!!!